Refreshing Transparency By Harnessing Admin Processes

See, told you it was boring stuff. The thing is though, that boring stuff leads to results.

We don't fudge about making things up as we go. Instead we harness the power of 10 product lines, 50 solutions, 450 tasks, and over 5000 to-dos for the delivery of a results driven strategy.

10 years of building to be better, has put us in a commanding position over our competition. Make our knowledge, your knowledge.
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Three Teams.
One Purpose.

Web Wonks is driven by three distinct departments: Our Sales & Outreach Team; our Operations Team; and our Insights Team.

Through these teams, we are are driven to achieve the best possible results for our clients, year after year.


Traffic Control

In order to effectively manage 16+ staff, 100+ clients, 100+ monthly project roll overs, and the whirlwind of daily activity that comes with a high performance team, we deploy a traffic control system.

Each department has a Traffic Controller, whose job it is, to interface between the varying needs of staff and clients.

Each morning at 8am, the Traffic Controllers and Jeff our CEO have a 15 minute meeting to review the previous day and set the tone for the day ahead.

At 9am each morning, the Traffic Controllers have a 15 minute WIP meeting with their respective teams, to set the tone for the day. 

By fluidly responding to changes, hold ups, and problems, we endevour to overcome all obstacles.


Sales & Outreach Team (SAL)

The Sales & Outreach Team is the smallest of the three departments - we don't churn clients often, so we aren't always ‘hustling’ as some other companies like to brag about.

Instead our Sales & Outreach Team spend time on identifying the type of client who would get the most benefit from our approach. From there, they look at how we can actually impart real value, through offering solutions that best fit a companies needs.
We believe that there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach, so we listen and learn from you. We don’t think we know best, but our sales team are always able to offer suggestions.
You can book a non obligation ‘Data Health Check’ with our Sales & Outreach Team here.

Operations Team (OPS)

The Operations Team is the oldest and most well developed of the three departments. Right from the earliest staff member, there has been a clear focus on replicating work to the same high standard, from one project to the next.
We use a mix of ‘Prescribed’ and ‘Intuitive’ processes to deliver work.

For Prescribed work, we use WorkFlowMax Templates and To-Dos to ensure quality control and continuity of technical work.
For Intuitive work, our INS team will apply Task Notes at the start of the month and the OPS team will then thread comments with notes on completion + suggestions for next steps.
Most of our Operations Team are now based in the Philippines, with the Traffic Controller and Videography / Graphics staff residing in NZ.


Insights Team (INS)

The Insights Team are the intellectual engine of Web Wonks and it has also been the department that has received the most love and attention in recent years.

The Insights Team focus on building strong and long lasting relationships based on attention to detail, listening to the needs of their clients, focusing on achieving the goals established at the outset of the project and innovating each month with new and inventive approaches to online tools.

The Insights Team has a deep well of strategic nous to draw upon, but we are always looking for new technologies and approaches to doing things better. Less senior INS staff can book time with one of four senior strategists (there are 20 bookings per week / 1 daily duty strategist) to review and deploy new directions for all of our accounts.

We are proud to be professional.

We are proud to be Web Wonks.