At Our Heart We Are Pioneers Of The Web Analytics Art Form

We don't do what Google tells us, we do what our client needs us to do. We are happy to use the tools afforded to us by various online channels, but we don't blindly follow what they say.

We are always challenging the status quo and asking how we could be better.

We don't always have the answers, but we are never short of questions.
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Banish Mediocrity From Your Online Activity

At Web Wonks we strive to innovate using your web and client data to match the best possible advertising / message activation.

Innovation has been in the DNA of the company since its inception. Over the years we have enjoyed many success and learnt from multiple failures. 

We are not like many other agencies, whose sole focus is to get you more traffic. In fact for many years, we were one of only a very small handful of Kiwi based companies whose core focus was web analytics. 

Year after year we have quietly built upon the lessons we have shared with clients. In 2019, we are looking to double down on our learnings are offer new products, using client data that almost every business will have, but don't currently utilize. 


We Develop High Quality Strategies For All Business Types

The Insights Team at Web Wonks is a blend of account management, project management, and innovate strategy guidance. 

As a client progresses through a six month project, we not only focus on achieving pre established goals, we are also take the time to review the strategic direction your business has in place.

For many of our clients, a direction doesn't exist. Often clients will only have an amalgam of historic service providers offering this thing or that, a low level of interconnected tracking tools and a limited focus on conversions.

Everyone of our clients is assigned their own personal Insights Team member. Our number one job is to build a relationship with you, learn as much about your pain points, and put in place plans to overcome these obstacles and forge new opportunities.


Data Matching Offline Client Records With Online Activity

A few years back a pithy phase was thrown about 'Big Data is like teenage sex, everyone is talking about it, but no one is doing it'. This pretty much sums up the state of affairs for the vast bulk Kiwi businesses regarding using basic / intermediate web data. 

The way Web Wonks does big data, is to always have a clear outcome in mind, when massaging data points we are working with.

EG, what segment is most likely to buy based on historic patterns / who is most likely to purchase on a recurring frequency. In both these cases, we are matching records to produce a clear group of people, who we want to advertise to.  

We use offline client data and match it with the records from online activity. This is most useful for ecommerce and retail stores, but does translate to service and consulting sectors as well. 

Once the data is matched, we can then identify segments of users who are most likely to achieve the business objective our client is looking for. 

Typically our clients are focused on making more money, so thats what we do for them.