OMG, We Can Be a Bit OTT, When It Comes To WFM & WIP

Without doubt the single greatest reason for our success, has been our adherence to a clear and accountable process for delivering results.

It takes a wee while to get to grips with all the ins and outs of how we work, but once you are on the journey, you won’t find any company like us.
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At Web Wonks, we have robust internal processes for ensuring we get the very best results for our clients.


Some might think we are excessive with our systems, but the quality control, transparency and focus on achieving outcomes is indisputably successful.

At the core of our daily work sits WorkflowMax (WFM), a Xero product for job management and tracking. All quotes are generated within WFM.

  • We create a Foundation job to anchor a six month project and invoices are created via the Work In Progress (WIP) balance, thereby eliminating overcharging in WFM.

  • We apply monthly tasks and to-dos for our clients every month and all jobs have task level notes to instruct the work and keep our teams focused.

  • All our work is recorded in WFM timesheets in 15 minute increments.

  • We record an index of the work completed for you each month via a Strategic Client Note so we can evolve your online offering.

  • We use client level notes to record key account details, including client communication, so we have a clear history of our engagement with clients.

  • We can run either monthly job activity reports, or full project reports at any time during a project.

  • We have a weekly Resources meeting with the Traffic Control team to ensure all projects are humming along.

  • We have 20 internal strategy bookings per week, so project managers can sit with senior strategists and look for innovation for client accounts.

  • We have daily WIP meetings for each of the departments, to structure the day and identify problem accounts.

It has taken years to develop a truly seamless interaction from what a client wants, to our delivery and achieving a project’s goal. We are always looking for improvements, but we would challenge you to find a digital company who has the same level of attention being paid to the way we service our clients.

At Web Wonks, our clients always come first and every part of our internal process reinforces this.