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In this lesson we provide clear instructions on how to log into the backend dashboard of your Wordpress website and give an introduction on what Wordpress is.
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Purpose Of This Lesson

The purpose of this lesson is to provide detailed, step by step instructions on how to properly log in into the backend of Wordpress website.

What Is Wordpress

What is Wordpress?

Wordpress is a free, simple and user friendly tool used to create your own website or blog.

More than one in four websites which you visit are likely to be powered by Wordpress. From a technical perspective, it is a content management system, written in PHP (scripting language in web programming), and combined with either a MySQL or a MariaDB database.

Features of Wordpress include a plugin architecture and a template system, referred to within WordPress as Themes. Advantage? You can manage the content of your own website easily without needing to know anything about programming!

How to log into the backend dashboard of your Wordpress website?

Assuming you already have a Wordpress website, the process of logging into the backend of your site is easy as.

Open a browser of your choice and type the URL of your website accompanied by the following suffix /wp-admin/ (Please see the attached screenshot for further clarification).

This will bring up the login page for the backend of your website. Enter your username and password and you’re good to go!

How To Login

How do I know if my website is built using Wordpress? Group 2 Created with Sketch.

Please visit the following website, and enter the URL of your website to find out if your website is powered by Wordpress or not.

I can’t log into my Wordpress website using /wp-admin/ as a suffix? Group 2 Created with Sketch.

No need to worry about that! There is an alternative login suffix which you can use to log in. Please enter the URL of your Wordpress site, followed by the suffix /wp-login.php. Still can’t get in? You can always get in touch with Web Wonks and we can help you.

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