ZB Phone Out With Jeff and Heather du Plessis-Allan - 22nd June 2021

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ZB Phone Out With Jeff McGregor and Heather du Plessis-Allan - 22nd June 2021


Web Wonks; leaders in the New Zealand digital landscape, Premier Google Partners, and a team driven to secure leads and sales for your business. We have Jeff McGregor from Web Wonks on the line.



H: Jeff, you have some smart analytics suggestions for us tonight.

J: Hi Heather,

I sure do. Many businesses only use Google Analytics to see the most basic stats - time on site, total users, data like that.

Now, while those metrics might hold some interest and show a trend over time, there is so much more that can be done when you configure the data.

Let’s take 3 metrics from analytics that you can configure. Conversions (which are normally phone link click, or form submission), demographics, (which are, age, gender, and device), and paid traffic.

By segmenting these pieces of data and comparing the information over a 3-month period, we might see that no conversions come from the 18-24 age group, yet our ads are served 10% of the time to that age group.

If we can see that we are targeting the wrong people, we can adjust the campaign settings and exclude that wasted 10% of spend and increase our likely leads.



H: And can you explain how you apply this insight to a client’s project?

J: Well, there isn’t much point us making changes to a campaigns’ settings without, you, the client signing off. You know best who to target, & we empower you to make the right choices.

We segment the data & share it with you during a monthly deep dive strategy meeting and get your feedback.

Once you direct us to make the changes, our operations team implement into the campaign. 

Simple and highly effective. 



H: Web Wonks, Doctors For Your Data – 0800 932 9665