ZB Phone Out With Jeff and Heather du Plessis-Allan - 2nd June 2020

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ZB Phone Out With Jeff McGregor and Heather du Plessis-Allan - 2nd June 2020


Web Wonks; builds online growth strategies using the Google stack of business products. Analytics, Ads, Shopping and more. We have Jeff McGregor from Web Wonks on the line.


H: So Jeff, what Google Trend data do you have this week?

J: Hi Heather. 

Well some quick stats:

A third of Kiwis say they will shop online more post Covid

Just less than half say they are buying more from local brands and businesses

And Three quarters of Kiwis are OK with flexible payment terms.

In a nutshell, make sure your website is working, push local, & offer varying payment terms



H: Jeff you must have seen a lot of bad practices in the decade you have been in the digital industry. Is this still occurring?  

J: Yes Heather, unfortunately with no regulator or ombudsman for the digital marketing industry, we see all manner of rip offs and scams. 

While not all of them are easy to spot. Things like not seeing the real ad account & credit card spend is a real red flag – if you cannot get FULL access to your account when you ask, chances are, you are being leeched off. 

And to me that’s just not good enough. Now more than ever people need to know where there money is going. Sadly, I am still seeing companies getting a bum deal by bad providers. 

If you are not sure what’s happening with marketing spend – digital, or otherwise, call and ask for me, Jeff. It only takes 30 minutes to diagnose the dodgy. 


H: Web Wonks, Doctors For Your Data – 0800 932 9665