ZB Phone Out With Jeff and Heather du Plessis-Allan - 7th July 2020

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ZB Phone Out With Jeff McGregor and Heather du Plessis-Allan - 7th July 2020


Web Wonks; builds online growth strategies using the Google stack of business products. Analytics, Ads, Shopping and more. We have Jeff McGregor from Web Wonks on the line.


H: So Jeff, what data insights do you have for us this week?

J: Hi Heather. Some quick stats post covid.

    • 45% of consumers will buy more things online for home delivery
    • 28% are spending more time researching online before visiting stores
    • There is high demand in market for running promotions or loyalty perks for customers, with 86% consumer approval
    • As I have mentioned before offering flexible payment terms is a winner,  with a massive 85% of consumer approval. . . that’s up 10% from early June 


H: Jeff you often give helpful tips for business owners. What can you tell us.

J: Yes Heather, many of your listeners will be aware of the practice of Search Engine Optimisation and while SEO is often over egged, one of the most successful SEO tools companies can harness themselves, is a FREE product called Google My Business.

A Google My Business Listing can be setup in minutes & verified with a postcard to your physical location.

Once verified, you can add products and categories to the listing, which Google loves.

Most important though, is getting reviews. Reviews are seen on the search engine by real consumers and it builds confidence in your products and services.

Check out our how to guides free on our website and boost your SEO strength.

You can of course get in touch with my team and we will be happy to help.



H: Web Wonks, Doctors For Your Data – 0800 932 9665