ZB Phone Out With Jeff and Heather du Plessis-Allan - 8th June 2021

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ZB Phone Out With Jeff McGregor and Heather du Plessis-Allan - 8th June 2021


Web Wonks; leaders in the New Zealand digital landscape, Premier Google Partners, and a team driven to secure leads and sales for your business. We have Jeff McGregor from Web Wonks on the line.



H: So Jeff, you have touched on Google My Business before, but can you remind us about it?

J: Hi Heather. Yes, Google My Business is the best free online product, companies can use. It’s an absolute work horse! With contact details, open times, map directions, product displays, and of course reviews. 

For many companies, we see over 4 x as many people looking at a Google My Business listing on Google Search, or Google Maps, as organic traffic going to their website. That means, if you don’t have a GMB listing, or your listing is out of date, you might be missing out on talking to 3 out of 4 online users who are interested in your products or services. 

And for the month of June, every new client who joins us, will get a special Google My Business, overhaul, where we will ensure your listing packs a punch.   


H: You have been seeing an increase in ad costs recently. Why is that? 

J: We have and it is starting to really bite into people’s budgets. Online ad platforms are auction based, so the more people in the auction, the higher the bid price will become. 

Over the past 16 months, with more business owners turning to online advertising to grow leads, it has meant an upsurge in costs. 

If you have noticed less bang for buck in the last few months, give me and my team a call and lets have a chat about how we could be lowering your costs and doing things smarter.



H: Web Wonks, Doctors For Your Data – 0800 932 9665