We are not your run of the mill agency.

..because what we offer is strong communication and involvement in your business. We show value by working with you to develop your understanding of online services.

The work we deliver isn’t your standard digital offering. Web Wonks has always had a very rationalised internal product offering – this has meant we can offer the same service, with the same high quality, time and time again.

Over the years we have not only improved the way we generate sales and leads for our clients, we have gotten better at education, knowledge transfer, and building strong relationships with individuals and organisations alike.


Simpler digital campaigns (ie, less budget, smaller company, desires strong results) can yield great results from rationalisation and automation. We offer a service that would suit almost every small to medium business – the focus is always on a return on spend ($$$) – not confusing metrics.

Mid Sized

We also offer some neat little enhancements to any existing online activity. Many of the larger companies we work with already have digital campaigns and are not looking at replacing their current provider (or the work is done in-house), as such, our Insights Team does a great job of uncovering the pain points and engaging with all relevant stakeholders, to yield great results.


We offer a retained service to a select few businesses who we have worked with for many years, or across multiple projects. These relationships are dearest to us, and we treat the success of those clients, as success both personally and professional. As such, we dont work with anyone else in those industries.


Did we mention we aren’t your run of the mill agency? Yeah, so that means me we disrupt the status quo. We have a knack for exposing shonky online work – how? By letting your data do the talking.


  • One off – Google Data Compliance Package (GDC) – we offer this product to anyone who has a website and there is no ongoing obligation.
  • Six Month Strategic Roll Out – a smorgasbord of different digital campaigns and analytics + project management
  • Project Work – digital audits, ecommerce deployments, automation, user ID tracking
  • Retainers – lock up your industry and be the only one to work with us