Google Ad Management Done By Professionals

Google Ad Management is one of the more costly parts of online investment and often it is the one thing most in need of care and attention. Basic work like using automated bidding strategies and added negative keywords, can go a long way to lifting conversions.

With the right attention being paid to your Google Ad Campaigns, our Google Ad Management focuses on delivering on strategies that our Insights Team (INS) have developed for your account.
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Included In The Google Ad Management Solution

  • We use phases to deliver our ad management. Depending on the scale of your ad account, we will apply a base level of two phases per month.

  • We review the Search Term Reports to see what keywords we could be adding to Search Campaigns.

  • We check the Quality Score of keywords and tweak as needed.

  • We adjust demographic and location bids for all campaign types.

  • We adjust the Product Feed for Shopping Ads.

  • Our OPS team reports back to the INS team using WorkflowMax task notes and comments. We  can run clients a job activity report at any time.

  • Review Google Analytics for assisted campaign metrics.

Why Google Ad Management?

  • Google Ad Management is simply one of those things that must happen, like paying taxes, or shushing loud talkers at the movies.

  • Google Ad Management takes away the stress of getting things wrong yourself. When professionally done, the results are amazing.

  • Google Ad Management keeps a focus on conversions and effective use of the daily / monthly budget.

  • Google Ad Management allows clients to focus on developing strategies and not the day to day grind of clicking boxes, resetting budgets, etc.

  • Google Ad Management allows multiple campaign types to run in parallel, without you losing focus on what is happening in what ad group.

  • Google Ad Management by Web Wonks means you are working with one of the top ten Google Ad Agencies in NZ.

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