We Love Remarketing Campaigns For The Google Display Network

Why? Well, simply put, they are the most cost effective and comprehensive way you can extend your brand after a user leaves your website.

9 out of every 10 websites who advertise online are enrolled in the Google Display Network (GDN), which means you can be seen almost everywhere.

Oh, it honestly only costs a few dollars for 1000's of ad views (impressions) per month!
Talk To Our Team About Display Remarketing Campaigns
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Included in The Google Display Remarketing Solution

  • Creation of a new Display Campaign(s) within your Google Ad Account. We treat this as infrastructure to ensure you OWN your long term value.

  • 4 x Ad Group placement to target Keywords / Placements / Affinity Demographics / In Market Demographics.

  • Implementation of Google best practice techniques to ensure maximum return.

  • Management and refinement of the campaign and advice on the best possible budget for your business.

  • How To Guide support to allow our clients to self manage their campaigns, billing and  measurement.

Why a Google Display Remarketing Campaign?

Display Remarketing Campaigns are an essential part of the Data Health Kit because of the outrageous value they provide, both in cost and in reach.

  • Google Display Remarketing Campaigns allow you to show ads to users who have visited your site, after they have left. This means you are targeting the most relevant people with your ads, and keeps the targeting laser focused, that is, less spend required.

  • Google Display Remarketing Campaigns allow you use HTML5 animated GIFs to show more than a static image. Animated ads are shown to have 4 x more click through rate than static ads.  

  • Google Display Remarketing Campaigns allow you showcase both your brand and your products. We can even include a clear call to action in the last transition of the ad.

  • Google Display Remarketing Campaigns are typically less than $5 a month for most clients.

  • Google Display Remarketing Campaigns allow you to create lists for specific groups of people, or lists for specific pages / offers you have on your website.

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