Google Search Remarketing Campaigns - A Smart Way To Optimise Your Search Campaigns

Google Search Campaigns are bedrocks for original Google Ads.

With Remarketing List For Search Ads (RLSA), we can optimise the existing search campaigns to users who have already been to your website and know your brand at a cheaper cost.
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Included In The Google Ads Search Remarketing Solution

  • Creation of a new Remarketing list in your Google Ads account. We can strategise to segment different lists based on your approach for targeting users who have been to a particular section of the website.

  • Creation of a new Search Campaign In Google Ads after we have approved the campaign framework with you. This includes Ad text, keywords and budget confirmation.

  • Implementing best practices with Ad extensions such as Sitelinks, Location, Call, Call Out Extension, Structured Extensions and Promotion Extension.

  • A Cost Per Lead or Return On Ad Spend dashboard is created for the account highlighting the Search remarketing campaign performance.

  • Management of the Search campaign with bid adjustments for keywords, demographics, location or device category once we have enough data to review.

  • How-To guide support to allow you to self manage the keywords/billing/ownership of the campaign.

Why a Google Search Remarketing Campaign?

Search Remarketing campaigns use the same anatomy of a Search Campaign except this is done with a Remarketing list.

When people leave your site without buying or submitting a goal that you intended them to do, there is a high chance that they did not go through the relevant information that could have helped them to make that purchase.

With the Search Remarketing campaign, you can connect with these potential customers when they continue looking for what they need using Google search. We can strategise to target this through two methods;

  • Target the same keywords
    • With this strategy, we can target the same set of keywords which we are already targeting across other search campaigns. Though, this time we pay a lower cost per click than what we pay to get a new visitor to the website.
    • Additionally, we can also adjust our text ad to showcase any inducement or an USP (Unique Selling Proposition) which the customer may have missed on their first visit to the website.
  • Target new broad keywords
    • With this approach, we can target broad match keywords which we wouldn’t have done for first-time visitors otherwise and because the user is already in our remarketing list we will have to pay a significantly lower cost per click in comparison to the new potential customers.
    • Similarly, this also helps us to add a new call to action for users who did not convert on the website previously and still looking for a solution or service.

Please note that to ensure the Search ads are targeted to your remarketing list in your account for Google Search Network, Google requires a minimum of 1000 active visitors or users to start advertising your ads.

Additionally, below are the Pros for using the Google Search Remarketing Campaign in your account

  • Search Remarketing Campaign targets users who have already been to your website before.
  • Search Remarketing Campaign has a lower cost per click in comparison to the Google search campaign as we target users within our remarketing list.
  • Search Remarketing Campaign helps with second consideration from potential customers who did not purchase or made a conversion on their previous visit to your website.
  • Search Remarketing Campaign can use different text ads layouts such as Expanded text ads, Dynamic text ads and Responsive text ads.
  • Search Remarketing Campaign gives better targeting with broad match keywords which could have been expensive on Google bids if targeted to new customers or first-time website visitors.

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