Google Shopping Campaigns - Sell Products To The Shoppers Who Matter Most

With Google shopping campaign you can create an online shopfront on Google for your products, where potential buyers can see which products you sell, their descriptions, prices, shipping costs and review ratings.

This gives an opportunity for retailers to showcase their products on Google search engine result page without the need for customers to visit their website and they only pay for clicks.
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Included in Google Shopping Campaigns Solution:

  • Creation of Google Merchant centre account. This account is needed to submit your product feed to Google and link it with your Google Ads account.

  • Creation of Product Feed. This is a crucial task in setting up your Google shopping feed. The details you provide in the product feed will determine how your shopping ads will appear on Google. Whether you provide correct Google Product Category to let Google know in which category your product should be listed in, how the title of the product is added and how you determine the shipping cost etc.

  • Submitting the product feed to Google merchant centre and scheduling regular fetches from your website data to ensure any change in product price on the website is also updated in your Google shopping ads.

  • Creation of Google Shopping campaign in Google Ads with the planned budget, location and bidding strategy.

  • Update Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) Dashboard -  During this step, we update your return on ad spend dashboard for you to review the campaign performance (That is, how much you have spent and how much you have earned in revenue from the shopping campaign).

  • Client Training - Lastly, we provide client training on how to use the dashboard and product feed (if necessary).

Why Use Google Ads Shopping Campaigns?

  • Shopping ads provide better visibility for your products with product image, title, short description, price, review and shipping cost as well. That is all without the need of a potential customer to visit your website.

  • Shopping Campaign ads have a lower cost per click in comparison to text ads. A recent study from Google stats a 23% lower cost.

  • Shopping ads are more relevant to potential customers as there is no option for adding targeted keywords. If your products are listed in correct product categories on Google, the ads are displayed to potential searches on Google search engine result page.

  • Shopping ads provide benchmarks with anonymous CTR and CPC metrics on your competitors who are also listing their products on Google, giving you an idea of what other players in the market are doing.

  • Shopping campaigns are easier to manage as no regular checks for keywords bidding is required.

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