UTM Parameters Track The Effectiveness Of Online Campaigns

UTM parameters allow you to see whether a visitor came from a particular Facebook post, article, ad campaign and more.

It’s always challenging for business owners and marketers to understand user engagement and the return on investment (ROI) from their marketing campaigns. UTM stands for ‘Urchin Tracking Module.’ UTM tracking delivers an unparalleled level of accuracy when identifying where your traffic is coming from.
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Included In The UTM Parameters Solution

UTM parameters contain the following elements in the tag. When the UTM link is clicked, the tags fire and send the information to Google Analytics.

  • Campaign Source - identify the source of your website traffic such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Newsletters, NZ Herald etc.

  • Campaign Medium - identify the medium of the link. For example, a referral, email, Cost Per Click (CPC), or Google My Business Listing (GMB).

  • Campaign Name - the specific name & highlights of the campaigns.

  • Campaign Content - additional details for A/B testing and content targeted campaigns.

Why The UTM Parameters Solution?

  • UTM tracking allows marketer examining how much traffic and conversions are coming from a particular campaign on Social Media - Facebook post, Twitter feed, or Instagram story etc.

  • UTM tracking enables marketer gauging which links and Call To Action (CTA) are the most effective within your EDM / newsletter campaign instead of a general overview of traffic from email channel.

  • UTM tracking helps to tag your campaigns on the publishing media, to track the activity and conversion of individual users after viewing the campaign.

  • UTM tracking understands the cross-device movement, which helps marketer to strategize the target audience precisely.

  • UTM tracking enable marketer understanding the impact of A/B testing - What is the most effective banner image? Landing page? Or content? Using the UTM parameters to differentiate traffic and conversions from multiple testings.

  • If you are a retailer with multiple stores, UTM tracking helps you to differentiate visitors coming from different store locations and understand their behaviour on a region basis.


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