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In collaboration with clients, we run online health diagnostics, across a range of business data points, to deliver implementation plans for clients.

Once you have a Strategic Data Plan, you are equipped to grow your business in a way that truly benefits you.
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Happy Clients Who Have Completed The SDP :)

Strategic Data Plan (SDP) | Supercharge Your Business

The Strategic Data Plan takes 6 hours for you to complete (for a total of 10 hours that are completed by the Web Wonks Team). This includes, the completing the on-boarding survey, the 2 x deep dives & some homework. 

Post plan, you can use our 50+ How To Lessons at your own pace, in your own time, with the SDP Dashboard, once the plan framework has been released to you. 

Clients can pick & mix from over 20 different planning and strategy themes. These themes are chosen to best reflect the type of industry each client is in.

You pick 3 from each of the 3 workstreams (for a total of 9 themes). 

These 3 workstreams are: Assessment | Activation | Acuity

Assessment - this helps to understand where the company is currently at

Activation - this develops a strategic plan for wise online ad spend (post plan)

Acuity - this helps develop a client’s knowledge of online best practice & investment returns

After an initial diagnostic data review, clients collaborate with Web Wonks to build a cohesive online framework over a 4-6 week period. 

Once complete, an implementation plan & live dashboard is delivered to the client for them to enact. 

Concurrent with the Strategic Data Plan project, we recommend clients make use of our 50+ ‘How To’ online  lessons, about Google products & services.


How To Guides

Web Wonks & The Regional Business Partner Network | Our Service The Strategic Data Plan (SDP)

Choose Relevant Themes For Your Business

Assessment Themes (pick 3):

>> Boosting Sales Revenue Online (1.1)

Together we assess current digital strategies to support business owners, by helping promote online & local inventory. These strategies are aimed at boosting sales revenue by targeting potential customers through Google Search / Shopping Campaigns & EDMs. The goal is to develop a positive Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) across all channel activity.


>> Growing Leads Online (1.2)

Together we will strategise the most effective advertising plan for a client, in order to grow better qualified leads for both potential and returning customers. The goal is to develop a clearly calculated cost-per-lead (CPL) to increase channel value.

>> Improving Online Brand Awareness & Reach (1.3)

Together we will investigate display strategies to improve brand awareness and engage users with appealing graphic advertising that aligns with the client’s brand. The goal is to develop key targeting messages to potential customers at the right place and right time.  


>> Increasing Your Product Consideration Online (1.4)

Together we will develop a modern broadcast strategy focused on customer intention. YouTube video advertising strategies provide an alternative to the traditional broadcast medium & offer more direct targeting and greater results. The goal is to develop a modern broadcast channel strategy.


>> Driving Long Term Website Traffic (1.5)

Together we will develop the right audience that is key to business growth. We develop strategies to help businesses drive more traffic to their websites (both on and offline). The goal is to develop a plan to find prospective customers across a range of organic / social / networking channels. 


>> Understanding Website Performance & User Behaviour (1.6)

Together we will develop business performance measurement metrics using user friendly, real time dashboards. The goal is to gain in-depth insights into where the client’s website is succeeding and where it could potentially be improved to achieve their objective. 

Activation Themes (pick 3):  

>> Google Search Campaign Strategy (2.1)

Together we will review the current Search campaigns in the customer’s account, review their performance for the cost per lead or return on ad spend calculations and strategise to configure them for best outcomes.


>> Google Display Campaign Strategy (2.2)

Together we will review the Display campaigns in the customer’s account and strategise the placement targeting, campaign goals and whether to improve brand awareness or product consideration. 


>> Google Remarketing Campaign Strategy (2.3)

Together we will review the customer’s current Remarketing campaigns, the remarketing lists that they have available in audience manager, and strategise a plan to target these audiences with animated ad sets and responsive display ads.


>> YouTube Video Campaign Strategy (2.4)

Together we will assess the customer’s YouTube video campaigns in their account. Does their video content align with their campaign goals, and overall brand/business objective? Help identify who is the target audience, and whether the campaign is optimally targeting them. 


>> Google Shopping Campaign Strategy (2.5)

Together we will review the setup of the customer’s Shopping campaigns in their account, whether they are using best practice surrounding the implementation of their product feed inventory, how the product’s data is being updated in the feed, and which bidding strategy is being used.


>> Google Ad Management Strategy (2.6)

Together we will review the existing set up of the customer’s Google Ads account, and strategise a campaign plan for better cost per lead and return on ad spend. This is designed to increase leads & lower the cost per acquisition. 


>> Facebook Ads Campaign Strategy (2.7)

Together we will review the set up for the customer’s Facebook account settings in order to meet best practice & ensure their remarketing audiences are being utilised in the best possible way. 


>> Bing Ads Campaign Strategy (2.8)

Together we will review the setup of the customer’s Bing ads account for best practice, and build knowledge surrounding tracking conversion data on the website for Bing adverts and the Bing platform.


Acuity Themes (pick 3): 


>> Google Analytics (3.1)

Together we will build knowledge around Google Analytics to meet the best practice / understand website conversions / build knowledge of using an insights report for strategic planning / understand performance of traffic and the significance of conversions from different channels / build knowledge around lead generation.

>> Google Tag Manager (3.2)

Together we will build knowledge surrounding the Google Tag Manager account to meet best practice / build knowledge of custom events tracking for the website: eg, PDF downloads, external link clicks, users’ engagement with call to action.


>> Google Search Console (SEO) (3.3)

Together we will build knowledge surrounding organic search volume for your business, and how we could use those searches for online SEO / build knowledge on how to identify any issues for website coverage / build knowledge around sitemap indexing, higher user count and better indexing of your website. 


>> Website Content (SEO) (3.4)

Together we will build knowledge of how to create website content to meet modern SEO best practice / build knowledge around meta tags on any website / build knowledge around structured data on the website & provide strategy to improve the organic visibility for the website on Google and other search engines / build knowledge around on page Search Engine best practice. 


>> Google My Business (3.5)

Together we will build knowledge surrounding best practice  for your Google My Business listing / build knowledge on how to update the listing with the correct phone number, website details, opening and closing times, Company information and images on the business listing / build knowledge around GMB posts to showcase business services & products.

>> Google Data Studio (3.6)

Together we will build knowledge by reviewing the ‘Data Studio Dashboards’ that are available for the customer’s business / build understanding of segmented data reports / build understanding for CPL (Cost Per Lead) dashboards or ECommerce reporting dashboards.

>> YouTube (3.7)

Together we will build knowledge around YouTube Channel best practice / build knowledge of the integration of Google ads with the YouTube platform / build knowledge around who has viewed the customer’s videos on YouTube and knowledge on how to better engage those viewers.


How do I activate my voucher & make a booking? Group 2 Created with Sketch.

You will need to activate your voucher and create a booking.

Please login to the RBPN website, click on 'Marketplace’ and search the marketplace for Web Wonks.

Please follow the instructions on the automated email notification from the RBPN website about the e-voucher and please also see attached screen shot for the information to enter: 

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Once you hit 'Search', the following service should come up for you to book:


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Click on 1 service matching your search from this provider (view all matches)'

Click on Make a booking’ next to the service. During the booking process make sure you also click on the round button to the right of the voucher you are using.

Here is a helpful video to show you how to do this

If you get stuck or have any questions please don’t hesitate to reply to this email and we will get it resolved for you as painlessly as possible.

Once we have received your booking request, we will confirm it online and will then on-board your job into our system.

How long does the SDP take? Group 2 Created with Sketch.

Depending on how quickly you are able to provide us with key details, we can get started on your Strategic Data Plan within days of your voucher being approved. 

We need to survey you for initial details to get job started & from there, you can make your first booking with one of our friendly staff. 

The total job takes between 6 - 8 weeks to complete. 

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Once you have submitted the initial on-boarding survey you can book your first deep dive one on one.*

You can book through our timely account here

Timely Account

The meeting will take 1 hour and be completed by a zoom call – we will send the zoom link in advance of the meeting.**

*Please do not book your one ne one if you haven’t submitted your on-boarding survey.

** Please be aware you can only re-book your assessment once.

Deep Dive Advisory Meeting 2 (Activation) Group 2 Created with Sketch.

Once our team have had a chance to review and process your assessment & activation requirements, we will hold a final advisory meeting with you.

In this meeting we will release the Strategic Data Plan to you (via Google Drive Framework).

Additionally, we will also provide you with the dashboard (provided we have enough data to share).

This is a chance for you to ask any questions you may have about the next steps for your business.  

Is it true I am eligible for $5000 of funding Group 2 Created with Sketch.

Yes that is what has been offered by the government. Our registered service is only $1950 (exl GST), which means you can work with Web Wonks & another service provider. 

We believe that the total fund should be spread as far as possible. We do not agree with service providers who offer services that cost far in excess of what they would charge in a normal commercial setting. 

Is the SDP free? Group 2 Created with Sketch.

No. The SDP costs $1950 (exl GST), however you may be eligible for funding through the Regional Business Partner Network. 

Put in an application and speak with an advisor.  

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