Google Data Compliance - GDC

Included in the Google Data Compliance Package:

• Creation of a master Google Account, which you own – this will control all future Google Accounts for your business
• Configuration of Google Analytics
• Configuration of Google Search Console
• Creation of a Google AdWords Remarketing Campaign
• Reporting via Google Data Studio Dashboards


The Google Data Compliance (GDC) Package has been the flagship job for over four years. Over 500 clients have gone through the process of correctly establishing their key Google Accounts and then configuring those accounts to make meaningful use of them.

Google Analytics and Google Search Console sit at the heart of the GDC job. A well configured Google Analytics account can show you the age and gender of your users and what device they mostly visit you on. We can tell you where they came from and most importantly, we can measure the number of leads / sales you generate through your website each week.

The GDC has been designed to not only uncover key business insights, it also extends your brand. Included in the package is the creation of a Google AdWords Remarketing campaign – this uses animated ads, which are shown to users who have visited your website – these ads are seen on the Google Display Network (9 out of every 10 websites who advertise online are enrolled in this network).

Typically the cost of this form of advertising is less than $10 per month, for upwards of 10,000 impressions.