Measurement Model - Attribution Model


• Identify and confirm Business Objectives
• CreateMeasurement Model strategy
• Measurement Model technical implementation – creation of events / goals / dashboards
• Measurement Model workshop
• Implement updates / Client Changes
• Set up Measurement Model Data Studio Reporting


Aligning Your Business Objectives Against Your Website Data. . .

Our Measurement Model uses Google Analytics to make sense of large volumes of website data, and educates you and your team on how to make use of it all.

One of the biggest issues we see with our clients is the lack understanding about what their website is doing for them. Often when we first start working with our clients they place too much value on the wrong things and their measurement is not looking at the indicators that will actually shift the needle.

We start our measurement model by working in partnership to understand what your internal business objectives are. From there we can map over events and goals in Google Analytics to pull relevant metrics for us to map against your business objectives.

Once we have done that and we are pulling data, we produce dashboards in Google Data Studio. These dashboards simply show you how you are tracking for week to week, month to month, quarter on quarter.

A typical Measurement Model will include 3 business objectives; Leads / Revenue; Content Grouping (pages most viewed); Channel Activity; Engagement; Product Views; Advertising Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).