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All Web Analytics data is different, which means the solutions we offer our clients will change depending on what the data tells us.

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Our Range of Online Solutions

At Web Wonks we take pride in establishing the purpose and goals and each and every project we work on

(find our more about that here).

These goals are achieved through harnessing a mix of solutions that would make sense based upon our initial assessment of a websites health. 

This assessment starts with our flagship product the Data Health Kit (DHK). This product has evolved over the past 7 years and has been applied to over 700 websites. 

Once we have the initial results back, we display them in the Online Health Monitor Dashboard for our clients to see. From there we plan the best approach to solve the blockages in the digital arteries we discovered.

The solutions we list on our website aren't exhaustive, but they do offer a good guide to the type of long term approaches we have used to great success for our clients. 

If you are serious about your online health, check out our solutions, or better yet, get in touch today