Tracking / Merging Online & Offline Client Data Is The Gold Standard Of Online Health

Enhanced Ecommerce using Google Analytics allows you to delve deep into the data. You can see where users abandon their shopping journey, what products the are most likely to buy, and assign client ID's to allow you to merge datasets from your Point Of Sale (POS) data.

With this information, we can more effectively target cart abandonment with relevant and timely emails / ads. We can address the most likely product combinations that convert and we can chart the Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) so we know who best to target with your online and offline advertising.
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Included in the Enhanced E-Commerce for Google Analytics Solution

  • Advanced Analytics set up
  • Advanced Ecommerce integrations
  • Ensuring relevant and accurate tracking across platforms
  • Monitoring of user behaviours
  • Dataset integration
  • Enhanced Ecommerce configuration
  • Unique user ID Tracking
  • Reviewing and refining


Enhanced Ecommerce for Google Analytics is the single most important feature you can enable within your Analytics account, if you are a ecommerce business.

With Enhanced Ecommerce, you can drill down so much further into the revenue potential of your traffic. You can segment specific users into targetable lists – in turn, offering them the product they want, when they want it.

Enabling User ID’s will allow your company to see the best preforming demographics, which can then be matched against your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) program. This creates a powerful tool for you to increase total revenue, average order values, and client life time value.

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