Half Geek, Half Cool, 100% Committed To Our Clients

Web Wonks is an eclectic mix of people, we have no one personality type. Guided by our internal process and our collective desire to be better, we have achieved great things.

We support one another and care about the health and well being of peers and clients alike.
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Jeff McGregor

Founding Partner & CEO / Founder

I was born on the North Shore and now live in Hatfields Beach. It’s a gem of a place. I have been married since 2012 to Jaye and she and I have two equally beautiful children, Monty and Juliette.

I am proud of what Web Wonks has become. While I may have been the one to start the company, I am fortunate to work with a group of people who are committed to using web analytics data to power decision making and achieve results for our clients.

The collective knowledge of past and present staff is retained in the structures of the company. It's genuinely humbling to be surrounded by smart people who share my geeky love of data, and I enjoy learning from the team with each passing project.

I referee rugby. This is my 8th season as a Referee – my second year back since 2011. I really enjoy getting out on the field, having a laugh, and trying to be the most ignored person on the field.

I love talking to people from all walks of life – I often ask what makes them happy. It’s a great learning exercise and I enjoy what I find out about our communities.

Jaye McGregor

Partner & Head of Client Accounts

I am Head of Client Accounts here at Web Wonks, and I am extremely proud of the Web Wonks team. I personally believe in the knowledge and expertise that Web Wonks provides, in a forever changing industry.

I have a varied background ranging from Social Work to a number of administrative roles. I thoroughly enjoy working within a fast, upscale environment, and I thrive on diversity.

I am undeniably customer focused and extremely driven to deliver the very best for Web Wonk’s clients. I achieve this via transparency, integrity and ensuring that industry best practice is adhered to at all times.

Raja Sharma

Partner & Head of Insights

I migrated to New Zealand in January 2011 from India. After completing my Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, I went on to complete a Post-Graduate Diploma in International Business in New Zealand. I have always been appreciative of the learning and experience granted to me by this country and allowed me to sustain a living here.

I love Auckland’s multi-cultural society and work ethics amongst employees.

I joined Web Wonks in July 2014, first working within the Operations team and then moving into the Insights team where I am now Head of Insights and Innovation.

With my experience in the past couple of years, I have always acknowledged what is most important for our clients. As part of my role, I strive to educate the clients and help them to understand and read their own data. I always state ’The more you know about your benchmarks, the better your decisions will be for allocating costs to different platforms’. I like to emphasise that it is not only about helping the client with revenue generation but improvising their leads and revenue for a sustainable growth.

Stephy Chen

Partner & Project Manager - Insights

In 2003, I came to New Zealand from China as an international student. After my university study in Tourism and Marketing, I worked in the industry for 5 years.

After receiving my master degree in Business Research at Massey University with distinction in 2016, I joined Web Wonks as an Insights Specialist. The vision, passion, and ambition of the company in web analytics really impressed me.

Just like the company's name - Web Wonks, which means a person who studies a subject or issue in an excessively assiduous and thorough manner. I am enthusiastic about data. I’m very much enjoying work with my lovely team and growing with the company.

At Web Wonks, we value every customer’s needs and always impact value. We deliver an amazing service to help our customers achieve business success.

Nick Rising

Sales & Outreach

Born in Auckland, I grew up in Titirangi, and have fond memories of the seemingly carefree times of the early 70’s. It felt like a great time for a kid to be growing up.

I have a strong sales background with broad experience across a range of industries. I joined Web Wonks in 2017 as part of the new business team, and I am thoroughly enjoying the world of Web Analytics. It is such an interesting, fun, and ever evolving industry. There is a fantastic culture here, and the team is very passionate about providing a great customer experience.

I enjoy boating, fishing, rugby and many other sports. Walking along Orewa beach although I need to increase the frequency! A favourite pastime is relaxing at my friends Homestead near Leigh north of Auckland.

Tracey Fox

Traffic Controller - Operations

Auckland is home, and apart from some time spent travelling, has always been "base camp”. The proximity to beaches, waterfalls and bush walks.

Wellbeing, health, and fitness are passions - with a background in coaching, strength training, and conditioning. This sits alongside an education in business and management. Getting the best out of people, seeing their growth, and development in different contexts. - whether this be at work or in the gym is what makes me smile.

Using a combination of education and experience, facilitating teams, and individuals to meet their goals - is incredibly rewarding.

Dion Mills

Project Manager - Insights

I was born in Waitakere, Auckland and have lived in West Auckland my whole life. I've always loved the scenic atmosphere, set with the song of the native birds in the trees and the muffled humming of cars as they pass in the distance.

I graduated from Auckland's Media Design School in 2013 with a Diploma in Digital Creativity and have been in the digital space ever since. My interest in graphic design was what initially led to my employment at Web Wonks in 2013. I acquired the role of graphic designer to fulfill the creation of static graphic, and animated Google Display & Remarketing ads.

With time my role progressed from being solely a graphic designer, to being fully incorporated into the Operations team. I quickly grasped a depth of knowledge in all aspects of Google platforms, along with numerous other conversion optimisation tools, digital campaign management systems & email marketing platforms. My role has recently altered again, moving into the Insights Team. I'm excited to see where this new direction leads and where I can best aggregate the results we strive to achieve for our clients.

Jaynee Franklin

General Practitioner (Graphics) - Operations

I grew up rurally in Northland on a citrus orchard. I then went on to complete my Bachelor of Communication Design in the Graphic Design pathway at AUT in Auckland. During my last year of study, I began working at Web Wonks as the graphic designer.

After finishing my study, I relocated back to Whangarei and am currently working for Web Wonks remotely. This works out perfectly as I thoroughly enjoy being part of the team but am also able to live in my hometown.

I currently play women’s hockey for Hikurangi. I also enjoy taking our one year old Sydney Silky, Archie, for walks, designing, reading, being outdoors and spending time at all the lovely beaches up here.

Alvin Ricarde

General Practitioner (Analytics) - Operations

I was born and raised in Caloocan (North), Philippines. I later earned a Bachelor's degree in Information Technology.

After a few years of searching for the right path for my career, I found Digital Marketing to be one of the most interesting and challenging jobs. I used to work alone, but when I joined Web Wonks - it all changed! At Web Wonks, I feel that I’m a member of a bigger family and not just a colleague.

I love to play basketball and walk my dogs at the park. I have yet to travel internationally, so I look forward to exploring different countries in 2019!

Apollo Pelaez

General Practitioner (Ads) - Operations

I was born and raised in San Jose City, Nueva Ecija. The “Onion Capital of the Philippines”.

I worked as a Customer Service Representative for 8 years before venturing into Digital Marketing 3 years ago. I am quite certain this is the correct career path for me, as I can see the potential of online advertising.

I believe that digital marketing is the future and I want to be at the forefront of the pack when it has become the norm. I joined Web Wonks last July as part of the Operations Team. In less than 6 months I have already learned so much from my colleagues and superiors.

I love travelling! The Philippines is an archipelago that consists of more than 7,000 islands. It would take you years to run out of new places to visit. I also love surfing and free diving.

Sohaib Irfan

Project Manager - Insights

I was born and bred in Pakistan, a country famous for its natural beauty, sports and food. I come from a Computer Science background. I moved to New Zealand about 8 months ago and since then, I have fallen in love with the place as well as its people.

I am currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Data Analytics (Business) from Massey University and recently joined Web Wonks for my Applied Project as well as the Project Management duties for the Insights team. I have always been fond of playing with data because I understand the relevance of data in the current circumstances and I know how the right manipulation of data, in combination with the correct technical and programming skills, can lead to some amazing insights. I have always been open to challenges and experiencing new things.

Coming to work, it’s amazing how much I have accomplished in such a short time. Web Wonks is like a family to me and in a very short time, I have settled here and started to love it! I am committed to provide the best of my knowledge to our clients and make the business flourish by making the appropriate use of the data, in the right direction!

Gehsryal Gellesania

General Practitioner (Analytics) - Operations

I was born and raised in the Philippines. After completing my Bachelors degree in Information Technology, I worked as software testing support for a telecommunications company.

After a few years, I shifted to digital marketing where I’ve seen a great impact on my career development. I started working with Web Wonks in August 2018. In a short span of time, I’ve gained a lot of knowledge and will always be grateful for the opportunity.

I am into traveling and exploring different islands in the Philippines. I’m also into landscape photography, as you get to express how you feel. Planning to travel other countries in the near future.

Max Wilson

General Practitioner (Videography) - Operations

I was fortunate enough to grow up in the greatest country on earth – NZ. My neighbourhood is Beach Haven, and I love it here. My passion is editing and filming which all started down at the Victoria Park skatepark where I enjoy scootering and filming all the action. We live in such a vibrant city, and an amazing country whereby, there is no shortage of dynamic people or awesome scenery to film.

I finished Northcote College in 2018 and am looking forward to studying at South Seas Film and Television in 2019. I have been working with Jeff and the team at Web Wonks off and on since 2016 and now that I have finished school, I am fortunate enough to have picked up work with the operations team.

I have created hundreds of videos; edited, composed and enjoyed. I’m looking forward to honing my skills with Web Wonks while learning the most current techniques at South Seas.

Mat Griffiths

Project Manager - Insights

I was born and raised here in Auckland, where I went on to study Film & Media at Auckland University.

In 2012, I moved to London, where I worked in the field of Broadcasting & Media. After an amazing 5 years of working and travelling abroad, the need for a NZ summer saw me return to the motherland in December 2016.

I enjoy creating strong relationships, both with clients as well as within the Web Wonks team. I draw huge satisfaction from the buzz of delivering exceptional results for clients and helping them to exceed their goals. With a can-do attitude, I am always up for a challenge and am prepared to step up to get any job done – no matter how big or small!

Out of the office you’ll find me at the beach, completing a marathon or trying out Auckland's latest eateries.