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In this lesson, we will cover off the basics of the Google My Business Adding Products to the Fantail Services listing.
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We would like to thank Fantail Services Ltd for allowing us the use of their metrics for this lesson. 

Fantail Services Ltd are Wellington's most trusted and called upon suppliers of HVAC, air conditioning, electrical, mechanical and home electrical services.

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Purpose Of This Lesson

The purpose of reviewing Google My Business Adding Your Products To Google is to keep you up to date with the recently added feature of adding products to your listing.

It allows customers to see a more curated showcase of your products on the Business Profile Products tab on mobile, or the Product Overview module on the computer.

This feature provides an opportunity for small-medium businesses to showcase their store products without spending much on paid advertisement and hence, get better search visibility and ranking on the Google Search Network.

Google loves active businesses!

Getting Started

Getting Started

Selection and categorization of products is essential for this task.

Ensure that you have selected the star range of products you want to showcase on your listing and are familiar with the categories you are going to place them in.

It would be ideal to list the categories and products, along with the essential attributes e.g. image, price, description, landing page etc.

Adding First Category & Product

Select the first category and product which is to be added to your listing.

Please select a broad category type for your product and avoid using sub-categories. Providing more detail about your product to the customer will increase engagement and interest level.

Ensure the information you provide is aligned with your online store.

Using a short and catchy description, along with a link button pointing to your product on the website can pitch a tone of ‘BUY ME NOW’ to your audience.

Adding First Category   Product
Adding More Categories   Products

Adding More Categories & Products

You can add more products to an already existing category or create a new category with its own product range.

There is no limit to adding categories or products but ideally you would always want to present your star products to the audience - your best sellers.

See Your Product On Google

Google takes a couple of minutes to actually upload the product on your listing. The products will be displayed under the company information section on computers, and next to the ‘Overview’ section on mobile phones.

On computers, the products will be laid out as individual entities rather than categorized. ‘View All’ will allow your customers to see the products category wise. By default, the name of the product (top) and category of the product (bottom) will be displayed on each product card.

For mobile phones, selecting the ‘Products’ section will display product categories, with just the product cards displayed inside (image only) - no heading or description.

See Your Product On Google

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Once you have added the product on your listing, allow Google a couple of minutes to upload the and showcase the product on your listing.

Usually it takes 5-10 minutes for a product to appear on your listing.

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Unfortunately, No. Google has recently rolled out this feature and the capabilities are limited for now. You will have to add each category and product individually.

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