Google TrueView Video Campaign - Target potential customers on YouTube

Google ads, enable you to target your video ads on YouTube and Google display network.

Target users based on their demographics, interests and location and only pay when they watch your video.
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Included In The TrueView Solution

  • Strategising your campaign - In this step, we provide a strategy encompassing the types of TrueView ad formats that are available for YouTube. Whether it is discovery ads, in-stream ads or 6-seconds bumper ads, we can provide a solution best suited for your marketing strategy.

  • Creation of Google TrueView Campaign in your Google Ads account. Based on the strategy that we have approved with you, we go ahead to create the new campaign in your existing Google Ads account.

  • In the next step, we upload and optimise the ads for your video. Often, a client does not have a Business YouTube channel account. Therefore It is required to upload a video to YouTube prior to use it for TrueView ads.

  • Strategic targeting of your video ads on YouTube for the appropriate audience is essential. Who is your target market, how old are they? Is it gender specific? What interest do they share i.e. hiking, movie lovers, 4x4 enthusiasts, etc.? Based on this target setting, your video ad is displayed to the audience most suited for your brand.

  • Reporting with a Cost Per Lead (CPL) or Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) dashboard is created for the account highlighting the Trueview ad campaign performance.

Why Use TrueView / YouTube Ads? 

  • YouTube TrueView Ads are a cost-effective option for brand awareness as you only pay when a whole clip or 30 seconds (whichever comes first) is viewed, or when a user engages with a video.

  • YouTube TrueView ads offer free earned views and conversions, which means if a user after viewing your ad visits your YouTube channel and views other videos from you, you will only pay for the first video and all other views are at no additional cost.
  • YouTube TrueView ads offer multiple ad formats such as In-Stream ads, Discovery Ads. Non-skippable in-stream ads and Bumper Ads, which can be arranged as per your strategy.

  • YouTube TrueView ads offer granular targeting options based on demographic categories like age and gender, categories of videos and specific YouTube channels, or based on how users interacted with your content on YouTube or the website.

  • YouTube TrueView ads can also be done with Remarketing ads. We can strategise to create a Remarketing list in your account based on users who have viewed a YouTube ad from your account. This gives you an opportunity to re-target these audiences on Display or Search campaigns.

  • YouTube TrueView ads as part of their tracking, can also track store visits from a user who has viewed your YouTube ad before. Google only offers this in beta to companies who have more than 15 store locations in a country.

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