ZB Phone Out With Jeff and Heather du Plessis-Allan - 28th September 2021

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ZB Phone Out With Jeff and Heather du Plessis-Allan - 28th September 2021


Web Wonks; leaders in the New Zealand digital landscape, Premier Google Partners, and a team driven to secure leads and sales for your business. We have Jeff McGregor from Web Wonks on the line.



H: So Jeff, what did the Web Wonks team do during lockdown?

J: Hi Heather,

Well based upon my waistline, I certainly ate and drank too much! The team however, have used the time to soak up our productivity gains from our new system roll out. 

We invested in more co-training between our senior team and our wider staff. Overhauled our product line to exceed global best practice and we have finished rolling out our free Google Analytics 4 upgrade for all existing clients. 

On top of that, our clients have taken opportunities to grow their reach and revenue – display ad costs dropped by 2/3rds in the first week of lockdown, which we used to deliver greater value to businesses.  

Having a plan in place for when these shocks occur is essential, and Web Wonks has digital strategy covered. 



H: And Christmas is right around the corner, what should businesses be looking at? 

J: Yeah, I bet if the malls were open today, you would be hearing a lot of Michael Bublé. I mentioned last week, online only, click and collect, or instore messages all need to be part of the mix. 

We have already started rolling out Christmas campaigns for our clients with a range targeting options. 

If you want to make the most of the silly season – singles day, black Friday, cyber Monday, Christmas and boxing day, talk to us about cost effective digital campaigns. 



H: Web Wonks, Doctors For Your Data – 0800 932 9665