Terms & Conditions

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Terms & Conditions

All the boring stuff. This is the important, but less exciting part, of working with Web Wonks.

Progress Payments

Data Health Kit invoices are generated upon acceptance of the quote and are due on the 20th of the following month.

Invoices for Project / Retained / Connected jobs will be raised on the last day of the month for a percentage of the project / retainer and will be due on the 20th of the following month (typically this will be split into 6 equal amounts to reflect a six-month project).

This progress invoice amount will be indicated within the approved quote and agreed to by the client. The client agrees to pay these progress invoices on time and Web Wonks may stop all work on the project if these payment terms are not adhered to and additional charges may be incurred.


Termination is can be made by written notice and must include a 30-day notice period. The Client is responsible for any hours remaining in the project to settle the account. Typically, these hours will not exceed the number of hours available in your monthly project.

We reserve the right to retain control of any and all accounts created, including the master list we created on your behalf, until all accounts are settled.

Where the client introduces a contract to the agreement and termination and payment terms differ; Web Wonks terms and conditions cannot be overridden unless specifically agreed to in writing.

Ownership of Data

Web Wonks has always maintained an independent account ownership structure. This means we do not own any of our client’s data – we use a master account to configure, control, activate all of the relevant online accounts required to deliver you services. You own all of this ‘infrastructure’  

After your business has completed the on-boarding job, the Data Health Kit (DHK) package, you will retain ownership of the Online Health Monitor Dashboard – this has relevant business metrics for you to measure your online success against.

Web Wonks retains ownership of all other digital reporting methods other than the DHK dashboard. All Google Drive documents used to develop the account & all Google DataStudio Dashboards remain the sole property of Web Wonks. At our discretion we may allow you to continue using these sheets after a projects completion.

Indemnification by Client / Resolution of Issues Through No Fault of Web Wonks (additional billing)

Client agrees to indemnify Web Wonks Ltd from any and all damages, liabilities, costs, losses or expenses arising out of any claim, demand, or action by a third party.

Where Web Wonks is not found to the cause of an issue which requires over 4 hours of additional company time to resolve, we reserve the right to charge for all time incurred in order to fix the issue. We will endevour to quote for this work, but in many cases it is simply not possible to quote to fix random issues.

Additional Resource Costs

Web Wonks quotes include our fee only. Any and all outside costs will be billed to the Client unless specifically otherwise provided for in the quote. These include services such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Automation / EDM software, and any other tool that is required for the project.

We will endeavor to disclose any additional costs at the earliest possible opportunity. This almost always happens during the initial quoting period, though third parties may increase fees without warning.

Please ensure you read over our full terms and conditions carefully before accepting any quote.

Website Build / Hosting / SSL | Content Loading / Copywriting | Finished Build / Go Live | Billing | Backups | Service Agreement 

Web Wonks endeavours to build simple and functional websites. We have clear ‘multi template’ process to ensure a final product that offers value to our clients. In addition to this, our project management team, go live process and backup options each deliver a comprehensive, end to end, product. However, we do things a bit differently, and we want you to be aware of some key information:

Website Build / Hosting / SSL

We build websites in the most current version of WordPress and include a core install, base module build, theme install, backup schedule and the creation of 4 x pages that represent the basic content requirement for a go-live – Home | About | Contact | Services. 

We require you the client to pay directly for hosting. We can offer recommendations on the best solution for you, or you can choose your own host. We are in no way responsible for the uptime of the server and you will retain full ownership of your website at all times.

We strongly recommend you encrypt your website. At a base minimum we will apply a Free SSL Certificate, however this does not carry strong security and we do recommend you buy a 256bit or higher encryption certificate – this will be charged through your host.

Content Loading / Copywriting 

In our experience content loading is the hardest part of any web build and we recommend you get started on this as soon as we hand you the base build. The website build process includes 5 hours of content framework strategy. We will put together a basic framework from scratch if you don’t have a website, or we will port over the base minimum for the site to be viable if you already have content. 

However, you are responsible for the generation of new content and we are in no way responsible for the quality of editing or copywriting of your website. If necessary we can offer copywriting services for a fee, however, our preference is that you use a specialist copywriter if you have trouble generating content. 

Finished Build / Go Live 

Web Wonks will have deemed the web build finished, after all phases of work are completed in our internal WFM system (as per our templates / job activity report which you can request at any time). These phases ensure a minimum viable product for you the client to go live with. 

We allot 4 hours of time to ensure that your site has the most successful go live possible. This includes, but is not limited to: creating redirects / verifying backups / installing tags / updating Search Console / updating SEM accounts / Updating GA.

You do not need to go live once we have closed the job in our system, and when you are ready we will complete the go-live process. 


Web Wonks does not want any problems, for you or for us. To mitigate the potential for issues to arise, we have a series of backup milestones included in the Web Build. 

At the completion of the ‘Base Build Phase’ we will create a local backup of your website. At the completion of the ‘Finished Build Stage’, we will create a daily backup for your site, that backs up to your hosts server. If you are paying for ‘Website Management’ we will also mirror your site on our AWS server for added uptime protection. 


Upon acceptance of the quote we will generate a 30% deposit invoice against the core web build phase of the work. Once this has been paid, the job will begin. We will then split the remainder of the amount evenly over the two proceeding months regardless of go live date.

Service Agreement

Unless you are specifically working with us through either a six month project, or a retainer we will not actively monitor your website. A minimum of 2 hours ‘Website Management’ is required to ensure monitoring of your site build / module updates / faults / support. If you contact us after the go-live without the minimum support in place, we charge a minimum of 3 hours 'Website Maintenance' to resolve any issues, while also carrying out best practice due diligence.